Plural Possessed Nouns

The Nouns

We go by a few different usernames, depending on the website we’re using; we’ve identified ourselves variously as Estelore, Asterling, Yavin, and Tegid.

We are a multiple system- several independently conscious entities living in the same brain, the same body. 

the Tegid system including honourary members

Left to right: Total, Rosie, Gale, Ax, Es, Asher & Ayden, Rabbit & Silke, Lor, Cade, Prim, Ruby, Leo, Crow, Kirke, Teia

Persons: The Tegid System

The Originals

  • Asher: INFJ female, demisexual panromantic, 20-something, linguistics major; the hostess and true owner of the body; fronts about 80% of the time. If we ever say “I” without signing off, it’s Asher talking. Has occasional barn owl (Tyto alba) shiftiness/dysphoria. Is divided into two primary median aspects, Lily, an altruist and the closest thing we have to an ‘original’, and Jade, Lily’s doppelganger, a sociopath whose existence resulted from long-term exposure to (and blurring with) Estael, who isn’t really designed for human consumption.
  • Ayden: male, eastern carpenter bee (Xylocopa virginica virginica), Asher’s Pullmanic daemon; functions as a balancing influence between Lily and Jade.
  • Estael: agender (uses pronouns ‘she/her/hers’); one of the two resident seraphs; fronts about 15% of the time
  • Lorael: androgynous (uses pronouns ‘he/him/his’); the other resident seraph; fronts about 4.9% of the time; Estael’s twin/mate/other half/whatever; migratory between Tegid System and Rabbit
The Walk-Ins
  • Kirke: ENTP female, heterosexual, gyrfalcon shapeshifter, spirit of guile; in a relationship with Crow
  • Nikias “Crow”: INFP male, heterosexual, crow shapeshifter; in a relationship with Kirke
  • Niall “Ax”: ISTJ male, asexual aromantic, woodcutter and part-time swordsman by trade
  • Emmett “Total”: ESFP male, heterosexual, black wolf and Scottish terrier shapeshifter; in a relationship with Rosie
  • Atalanta “Rosie”: ESFP female, bisexual, marathon runner; in a relationship with Total; sometimes in a relationship with Teia
  • Galateia: ISFJ female, pansexual, Bombay cat shapeshifter; sometimes in a relationship with Rosie, sometimes in a relationship with Gale
  • Gale: ENFP male, bisexual; sometimes in a relationship with Teia
  • Leo: INFP male, heterosexual, puma shapeshifter
  • Ruby: INFJ male, homosexual, red fox and ruby-throated hummingbird shapeshifter, trickster spirit, originally a citizen of Tegid System; migratory between Tegid and Intrinsics Systems, but now lives with Cade in the Intrinsics’ headspace and our headspace at the same time, full-time, with Prim (their daughter) at both locations.
  • Prim: female aged 8 - 11isch, blurring-and-splitting offspring of Ruby and Cade and to some extent Rosie (and Kadesh by default), born in Tegid System’s headspace; is able to travel the Between and now lives in the Intrinsics’ headspace with her fathers, as well as ours, at the same time.
The Genius Loci
  • Kadesh: The self-aware spirit of the headspace itself, a blending of elements from Asher and Ayden, Estael, D’Kesh, and Silke (Rabbit’s Pullmanic daemon). Projects itself as a feminine-but-genderless white tern (Gygis alba), and goes by ‘Her’ pronouns, with capital ‘H’. Could theoretically be considered Prim’s other mother, along with Rosie.
The Honourary System Members
  • Rabbit: male, demisexual demiromantic, 20-something; Asher/Es/Lor’s fiance (polyfidelitous relationship); Lor spends about half his time in Rabbit’s head. Rabbit is on tumblr as
  • Silke: female, snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus), Rabbit’s Pullmanic daemon
  • Cade Merisier of Intrinsics: ISFP male, homosexual, 21; Ruby’s significant other and one of Prim’s fathers; Cade spends some of his time in our headspace with Ruby and Prim, but otherwise is a full-time member of the Intrinsic System.
  • D’Kesh: Asher’s birth totem; used to pop in and out randomly in both headspace and as a sporadically-present IRL owl. Collided and unintentionally walked-in and blurred with Asher, and is now assimilated into Asher as her ‘owlself’.
Places: The Headspaces and IRL/Online

The Forest
  • a peninsula covered almost entirely in deciduous woodland; a long, high, impassable wall blocks access to the northern mainland (the Between)
  • ground slopes uphill from west to east, with a wide (maybe three football fields’ lengths wide) strip of level ground the entire length of the peninsula, right down the middle
The Meadow
  • an utterly open space spanning the full width of the level zone, midway up the length of the peninsula
  • features a small stream, a freshwater pond fed by the stream, and a large black slab of granite for sun basking
  • a single massive white ash tree stands at the center of the meadow, the only shade anywhere except at the edges
  • the northeast end of the meadow has a small fire pit for cook-outs
The Coast
  • the west and southwest coast is entirely soft white-sand beach and warm, calm water
  • the east and southeast coast is sheer cliffs toward jagged rocks and cold, rough water
  • the flat space is a mix of both: white sand beach buffeted by warm but fiercely rushing water, with stands of sharp stones near the shoreline
The Warehouse Library
  • half a mile due north of the meadow, underground and accessible by a trapdoor
  • lit by many single-bulb overhead lights activated by pull-chords
  • contains everything ever read or heard, in book, disc, or file format, by anybody at the front of the system
  • contains living quarters for the Walk-Ins
The Suites
  • the Walk-Ins’ individual living quarters
  • decorated by each member on their own
  • Each features a bedroom and private bath.
  • Kirke and Nikias share a suite.
  • Rosie stays in Total’s suite most of the time, but she has her own.
  • Ruby’s features a piano room.
  • Total’s and Leo’s share a game room (fooseball, billiards, board games, card games, video games, etc.)  between the two. The game room is treated as public, but they use it the most by far.
  • A kitchenette serves as the common space between all the suites. 
The Between
  • the space north of the ‘impassible’ wall, used by Cade and Ruby to make transit between our system and the Intrinsic System; also used by Es and Lor to make transit to Rabbit’s head. It is only accessible to Cade, Ruby, Es, and Lor
IRL Places
  • We attend a university within about fifty miles of each of our parents’ homes, forming an equilateral highway triangle with them.
  • When not at university, we live in a relatively small town in southern Illinois, USA, alternating weekends with our maternal and paternal family, and spending the rest of our time with our Rabbit. Mum’s house and Da’s house are equidistant from university.
  • Asher gives piano lessons on the university campus.
Online Places:
We frequent a small mess of online message boards: Richard’s Animorphs Forum, Multorum Animos, The Daemon Forum, Otherkin Phenomena, The Massassi Temple, Headspace Forums, and Deva Haven and Demi Grace (both of which we own and admin)
Things: Landscape and Atmospheric Artifacts and Other Major Features

The Storm: a severe thunderstorm which usually stays on the southeastern horizon, but which occasionally drops rain and lightning on the forest
The Comet: an occasionally-appearing celestial body across the southwestern upper sky
The Piano: a Steinway & Sons model D274 Concert Grand piano; belongs very personally to Asher, but is kept public-access to the other headmates. Has its own room.
The Grass Fire: in the northeast edge of the meadow, an occasionally-appearing, self-contained open flame with no apparent source of fuel. Comes and goes without warning and never spreads or travels at all.
The Willow Tree and the Wild Cherry Tree: the only trees in the entire headspace which aren’t some species of ash or rowan; the willow grows next to the pond in the meadow, and the wild cherry grows on the northwest edge of the meadow. The cherry is a gift for Ruby, who hates when there aren’t any flowers around to enjoy.

Ideas: System Philosophies, Beliefs, and Areas of Interest

Modal Realism: We believe in infinitely many realities- Everything must happen someplace, sometime, to everybody… just not necessarily on this particular version of Earth.
Moral Relativism: We believe there is no true objective standard of good or evil as could be defined by any mortal being(s).
Panentheism/Etherism: We believe in a transcendent, immanent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, gender-irrelevant deity which we variously call God, Everything, Eru, El, and/or Ether. We do consider God to be omnibenevolent… but we don’t presume to define ‘benevolent,’ since it is a value judgment just like ‘good.’ We view all things as infinitessimally smaller aspects of that deity.
Polyfidelity/Polyamoury: Many members of our system participate in polyamourous relationships; this does not create more than a reasonable amount of tension among system members.
Myers-Briggs Personality Typology: We study the MBTI system avidly as something between a hobby and part-time vocation.
Okinawan Karate: We have been taking lessons in this martial art since 2005.

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