Plural Possessed Nouns

The Nouns

Our last train wreck of an About page left quite a bit to be desired, so let’s start from scratch.

Offline Life: 

We teach Latin and piano; we have a few other part-time odd jobs involving a lot of late night work shifts. Our educational background is in architecture and applied linguistics. 

No, we aren’t your conventional neurotype. That doesn’t make us intrinsically unstable, nonfunctional, or dangerous to our students or coworkers. Don’t look to us as some example of a dysfunctional plural system, for the sake of ill-informed rhetoric; you aren’t going to find that here. We take our offline social functionality and our survival within modern society very seriously, and a big part of that is about being hypercompetent, rational, and charismatic to the people who interact with us in person on a daily basis. We allow ourselves a far greater expression of our general misanthropy and antisocial attitudes in the online environment, because it serves as an effective pressure-release from the forced prosocial interactions of the working world and our natal family life. That doesn’t mean our misanthropy bleeds over into our work and family life, just as our saccharine, sanguine cheerfulness at work doesn’t tend to bleed over into our online life. One isn’t more or less ‘real’ than the other; they just exist in totally discrete spheres of our existence, and they are exerted by totally different headmates, for the most part. 

We have a cat named Boog. He is huge, black, and fluffy. Think Toothless from HtTYD, but more compact and less flight-capable. 


Asher - female, married to a guy who thankfully has his own body separate from ours, and also long-distance dating the main front of another system. Asher handles most of our daily life business outside the system. She can share the front but can’t leave it, so the functionality of the system is predicated upon all the rest of us getting along well with her. She’s generally a bastard, but that’s the norm to which Rosie, Leo, Denny, and Gale are exceptions, and Aubrey appears to be a recent exception. INFJ with Se function strong enough to stay in ‘the grip’ of Se pretty much permanently, thanks to ASPD doing its thing.

Es and Lor - they go by ‘she’ and ‘he’ respectively, but it’s vague how much that corresponds to actual gender with these two. Most of our collective cosmology is derived from these two. They’re also involved with our husband, and Lor is also involved with our girlfriend-system. Not MBTI-typeable.

Kadesh - genius loci of the system, She makes headspace happen; She is headspace. Doesn’t talk much and pays little attention to outside business. Not MBTI-typeable.

Denny - goes by ‘he;’ a fictive kid who ended up here from a media series we don’t even watch. Mostly just associates with Kadesh and keeps to himself. Likes gardening. Too young to type by MBTI.

Aubrey - current newest arrival; still sorting out his MBTI type. Is a close friend of Leo, Tove, and Luja. Exceedingly invested in his moral and ethical systems, which rocks the boat a little bit for the rest of us. Cares a hell of a lot about Asher and tries to ‘keep her honest,’ but knows better than to think she’s answerable to him or anybody.

Galateia - pansexual lady and unofficial Team Mom of the system; casually involved with Gale and Rosie. Manages most of headspace practical and social affairs so that Asher doesn’t have to run double duty or play a wholesale leadership role for everybody here at all times. Best friends with Kirke. ISFJ.

Gale - cheerful bisexual dude with agricultural leanings; frankly too friendly for anybody’s own good. Has a very casual relationship thing with Rosie, Teia, and rarely Ruby. ENFP.

Rosie - cheerful bisexual lady, very athletic, and way friendlier than any of us, even Gale. Committed partner of Total; casual partner of Gale and Teia. ESFP.

Total - Rosie’s jackass other half; jovial bastard who is best pals with Ailbhe of our nonbinary partner system. Very much an outdoorsman who, along with Rosie and Gale, absorbed the bulk of our extremely rural upbringing. ESTP.

Niall -  Aro-ace.Total’s best bro in the system, according to Total. Niall himself opposes the idea of cultivating a strong friendship with anybody at all; he takes his asocialness very seriously. Probably an ISTP, but doesn’t socialize with anybody long enough to make his type easy to figure out. Tends to dislike everybody on principle, but gets along okay with Leo and with Az of our nonbinary partner system. More considerate and introspective than he lets on. 

Kirke - unmitigated bitch by her own estimation and everybody else’s. Possibly sees Total as her arch-nemesis; possibly considers the idea of an arch-nemesis to be banal. Straight woman and committed partner of Nikias. Dislikes Niall as much as Niall dislikes everybody else, but they tend to agree about most things. Uncharacteristically nice to Asher. Best friends with Teia, who doesn’t flinch. ENTJ.

Nikias - manipulative asshole by everybody else’s estimation; manipulative genius by his own estimation. Hopelessly devoted to Kirke, which she exploits regularly (and which the rest of us don’t mind, since it keeps him… not humble, but less inconveniently full of himself). ENTP. 

Leo - closer to Niall than most anybody else; asexual. Luja’s brother. A profoundly pacifistic and quiet person. Likes nature; dislikes attention. INFP.

Luja - committed girlfriend of Tove; has a serious aversion to hierarchy and systems of institutional oppression… not that any of us are especially fond of those things, but Luja takes them extra-personally. Doesn’t share her brother’s pacifism in the least. Her Se-function is through the roof, but everything else is still pretty hard to pin down as of this update.

Tove - committed nonbinary partner of Luja; profoundly lonely person averse to getting close to people e might lose. Always has Luja’s back, and is probably an INTJ… but we’re not going to take bets on that. Dude is hard to get close to.

Ruby - gay male formerly-ish involved with a member of another system, years ago, who we haven’t interacted with in forever. Frequently serves as an intermediary between Asher’s efforts at the permafront and Teia’s efforts in-system. Prim’s dad-ish. Too clever by half; extremely fond of jazz. INFJ.

Prim - Ruby’s kid-ish, closely affiliated with the main front of our girlfriend-system, and sorta’ belonging to that system. Too much ontological weirdness for us to expansively discuss it here. Too young to type by MBTI.

Our Partners:

Husband - Rabbit, male, INFP. Not on tumblr. Involved with Asher, Es, and Lor. Pals with the rest of us, mostly.

Girlfriend-System - Kells (ENFP), Mar (?), and Silke (?). Kells’ involved with Asher; Mar’s involved with Lor; Silke mostly hovers and scowls at the proceedings. Long-distance and asexual relationship.

Nonbinary Partner System - Az, Ailbhe, Chel, Ant, Azule. Collectively presenting as INTJ. Long-distance, asexual, aromantic relationship. Consensus-based partnering (our whole system as a unit is involved with their whole system as a unit, with little overall focus on individual sub-relationships within this dynamic). 

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