Plural Possessed Nouns

Our system at the moment, including our fiance (Rabbit).

Left to right: Leo, Nikias, Niall, Total, Gale, Rabbit, Asher, Lorael, Estael, Galateia, Kirke, Ruby, Prim, Rosie

Avatar maker is here:

Image edited by screencaps adjusted in gIMP.

Edit: Somebody forgot to add these. Total. *glare*

[Image description: A group of fourteen paper doll style digital avatars, all members of a plural system. The six to the left are male-presenting and of various heights and skin colours. The three in the middle are one female presenting, two presenting as agender or androgynous. The next two moving right are female presenting, followed by one slightly androgynous male, a young little girl, and a tomboyish female to the farthest right. End image description.]

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