Plural Possessed Nouns

I want people to know this is a safe blog run by a friendly system.

With thanks to Luciferian System for their idea; we hope they don’t mind us borrowing it…? (guys, shoot us an ask if this isn’t okay, please)

We’re a plural system containing 13 members, among whom are members of the following groups:

-otherkin/nonhuman, including both therians and non-therians

-LGB (no Trans-anybody, but we are still careful to avoid being cissexist, and two of us don’t fit either binary gender)

-asexual aromantic



-neurodivergent (OCD, synaesthesia, somatoform blindness) beyond just being part of a plural system

Three members of our system are involved in a polyamourous long-term relationship with a person outside the system.

And ermn… hopefully, that means we are understanding of the experiences of these varieties of people, and that our blog is therefore generally an okay place to be, and not something needing blocked when the troll list swings around again. ^_^

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