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Life in the Tegid System: sleep schedules

We haven’t much else to do at the moment, since we just got done doing some drawing and playing Pokemon Ruby… so we suppose we’ll just ramble a bit about the day-to-day affairs on the inside of our system. 

First bit, functional hours:

diurnal: Kirke, Nikias, Rosie, Gale

semidiurnal: Total, Prim

nocturnal: Asher, Galateia, Leo, Niall, Ruby

always awake: Estael, Lorael

The body itself is on a biphasic sleep schedule most of the time, with a four-and-half-hour primary sleep between 6 AM and 10:30 AM and a two or three hour secondary sleep between either noon and 3:00 PM or between  3PM and 5PM, depending on the day of the week. The remaining hours are spent attending classes, giving piano lessons, managing errands and other logistics, doing homework, and enjoying free time. 

The semidiurnal system members are usually awake starting two hours before the primary (body) sleep, around 4 AM, and they take their monophasic sleep when the sun gets too high. They wake again when the sun starts going down… so basically, they’re up and about in the mornings and evenings, with Prim being awake a bit into the night, and with Total awake a bit into the day.

The nocturnal system members are totally matched to the body’s sleep schedule.

The diurnal system members all use monophasic sleep, rising around 9 AM and going to bed shortly after nightfall.

So the pattern goes kinda’ like this:

(semidayshift awake)————————————————-(semidayshift awake)

—(dayshift awake————————————————-)————————-

———-(nightshift awake)———————-(nightshift awake———————-)-


This means everybody is awake during our morning class, and then the semidiurnals immediately hit the hay, followed quickly by the biphasic nocturnals. The diurnals stay awake most of the day and then hit the hay a bit after the night folk wake up.  The semidiurnals then wake up about halfway into the night shift. There’s enough overlap for everybody to get time to interact with everybody else, if they want it. 

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