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I’m not really into the holistic/natural medicine scene, but I’m considering using a combination of fish oil capsules and white willow bark for my shoulder instead of ibuprofen all the time. I used to take fish oil at home all the time and had salmon regularly, and I honestly think that was a factor in keeping the tendonitis at bay. Does anyone have an experience with using white willow for minor pain?

Aspirin is merely the concentrated and regulated version of the acetylsalicilic acid found in willow bark. If you’re looking to get an effective low dose of that, then get baby aspirin tablets and cut them in half: it’s a more predictable and refined substance overall, and less likely to have difficulty being broken down in the body the way unrefined herbal extracts can be harder to metabolize. 

If your issue is tendinitis, then it’s good to get away from ibuprofen; it actually slows tissue reconstruction in tendons, and it’s a pretty strong muscle relaxant on top of being a painkiller, which makes you more likely to have accidental injury of the tendons (especially at the insertion points in the muscle!) when the painkiller stops you from noticing that you’re stressing the tissues. 

Can’t speak one way or the other for fish oil; haven’t used it. Have had VERY good results with high dose Vitamin C, however. Vitamin C is the rare supplement that you can’t really overdose on; if you take more than your body can use immediately, it dumps directly to the bladder and filters out of your system really fast. 

Good luck, feathercloak. 

Information Source: Extensive personal experience with a wide array of issues in ulnar and carpal tendons and nerves; currently dealing with achilles tendinopathy. Avoiding the hell out of ibuprofen for tendon-related pain. Have used white willow and had a much better time with halved baby aspirin. 

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Honestly, I’m really only interested in soulmate AUs with alternative plots.

I don’t really care about person A and person B who have each other’s names on their wrists and find each other and live happily ever after. I care about a culture where people don’t bother forming…




baby goats playing on other animals

everything is a playground when you’re a baby goat

Just look at these kids

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"this is the legal definition of harassment"

"in what state"

"no state I got it from google"


google isn’t a book of law

You’re selective reading is immaculate, I’m impressed….

Hi, there!

How about you quit with the ableism and concern-trolling! It’s really shitty of you. :]

Would you like to interact with somebody who has a diagnosed personality disorder, rather than accusing and ignorantly playing at diagnosis yourself? We’d positively love to oblige you. 

Also, Earth to Indigo Child: there is no absolute morality. Bones (Solo) is a Legalist, which generally boils down to “the Law is the source of all Rightness”; we’re Pragmatist, which generally means “philosophy, morality, information, emotion, beliefs, and any other method of describing human experience is only valuable insofar as it has a practical usefulness for somebody.

What are you getting out of participating in the dispute, kiddo? Do you get some ego rush out of white-knighting for the twerp who started all of this? Do you feel that person intrinsically is so incompetent that they need you to back them up, even though you would actually be doing them a greater and more respectful kindness by encouraging them to quit arguing and de-escalate, now that it is abundantly clear Bones and Bones’ friends are not the kind of people who just ‘drop it,’ ever? 

What kind of jollies are you getting from perpetuating this conflict, a thing that you claim to despise so much? Do you understand that nobody on the side you are continuing to encourage actually has any legal leverage here whatsoever? Do you understand that you are supporting the initial instigator of this conflict? 

You’re making it worse. You’re encouraging somebody with a victim complex and very obvious issues of lying and paranoid ideation to persist in those issues publicly. You’re enabling. 

Please stop. Please encourage your Distressed Damsel to likewise cut the crap…

…’cause there’s no way in hell that Solo et alii are going to stand down, flinch, or be the first to blink. That isn’t how they operate, and you’re just bashing your face against a brick wall.

A dreadfully clever and mutually-supportive brick wall who do not subscribe to your conventional model of morality, which seems to favour victim complex enabling over anything else as the model of Ultimate Good.

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Fun thoughts. soloontherocks ofbonesandblood

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Well I wouldn’t want to not oblige. That’d be rude.

We adore you people.

(Not that you know us, or care, or any of that shit.)

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Tumblr Crushes:causticgodlingcausticgodlinglikesdavekatkindsumiregusashadowsoloontherocksconsulting-lokeandeaf-cecilaquentiouslokeanconcubineFigured we’d test the ‘tumblr crush’ function on XKit. Pretty nifty.

Tumblr Crushes:
  1. causticgodling
  2. causticgodlinglikes
  3. davekatkind
  4. sumiregusashadow
  5. soloontherocks
  6. consulting-lokean
  7. deaf-cecil
  8. aquentious
  9. lokeanconcubine

Figured we’d test the ‘tumblr crush’ function on XKit. Pretty nifty.



ALSO YOU SAUCY THING YOU! Is that radio appropriate???

*hideous screeching noises*

That was adorable. :3

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Necromancers experienced with gardening letting brightly coloured flowers blossom all over their skeletal horde.

combining necromancy and botany to send your lover a skeleton adorned with roses.  how necRomantic

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You know what show had the biggest plot twist ever? 


I had absolutely no clue Blue was a girl

meaning my entire childhood was spent shipping two female dogs

I had a lesbian dog otp at the age of 5 omfg

Magenta is a boy

what the fuck

blue’s clues took assigned gender colors and told society to suck it

Wait. Magenta was a boy???

Magenta was a girl; the show’s wiki confirms this.

…but hey, lesbian dog otp at age 5 ftw? Or just plain ol’ best friendship between female characters in media (admittedly puppies, but still the show’s focal character and her friend), because female friendships are super important and great to demonstrate to child viewers.

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Considering how much trouble most people seem to have processing polyamory between singlets, our relationships must look extra confusing from the outside—especially when those relationships involve other plural people.

We’ve been thinking that it would potentially be interesting / informative to survey other systems about their relationship structures with people outside their system.

We’re poly, too; two of our partners are other systems (or… eight of our partners are two other systems? phrasing‽), and our husband is a singlet. The intra-system relationships are long distance and asexual in nature, and the relationship structure is different between us and each of the other two systems we’re involved with: some of our members are involved with some members of Marionette, but others aren’t involved with others; we are ‘consensus-involved’ with an aromantic consensus of Alii, with individual sub-relationships having different nuances that overall carry less priority than the broader co-relationship of [all of our system] to [all of their system]. 

The fact that our singlet husband does not appear to find any of this especially confusing is probably why it works out so well with him; three members of our system are directly involved with him, and the rest are just sorta’ chummy with him. 

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